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Amazing Kidney Art

Amazing Kidney Art inspired by darkfield urine microscopy, people suffering from kidney disease, kidney donors, and the heroic Nephrologists that care for them. Visit our Kidney Art Super Cart to learn more and support our cause to spread awareness of Kidney Disease and improve patient outcomes!

Amazing Kidney Art with Purpose

We create amazing kidney art to increase the awareness of kidney disease and ensure engaging, understandable, Patient Education done with kindness and patience as we believe Patient Education should be patient education and, in our current healthcare system, not enough time is dedicated to patient education.

Our population  is significantly affected by kidney disease which affects patient outcomes and utilization remarkably. In the US, more that 37 million adults have chronic kidney disease (CKD), however, only 10 % of these patients are aware of their diagnosis. Very few people are aware of the causes of kidney disease, for example, many people do not even know that prolonged use of Advil or Motrin (ibuprofen) and similar medications can cause kidney damage or even kidney failure.

If kidneys fail, a life-saving procedure called dialysis is necessary and even then, subsequent survival decreases drastically (to approximately 5 years on average) unless the gold standard treatment of a kidney transplant is achieved. The leading causes of kidney disease in our population are diabetes and hypertension in that order.

Our kidney art and posters are all produced in collaboration with Happy Ingenuity Solutions with the goal of increasing awareness of kidney disease, protecting kidneys, and increasing access to helpful information that promotes good health. You can share digital copies for free via messaging and social media to help distribute very small bites and bytes of information that go a long way in motivating healthier choices and in increasing awareness of kidney disease. Don’t forget to visit our helpful pages with free information and resources about kidney disease and the national kidney foundation.