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Diabetes and Kidney Health are intertwined. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Diabetes mellitus affects 37 million people in the US, prediabetes affects 96 million people and Hypertension affects approximately 116 million adults in the US which is an astounding 47% of the adult population. The correlation between chronic kidney disease (CKD) and the statistics is sobering: approximately 30% of people with diabetes have chronic kidney disease and approximately 20% of those with hypertension according the The National Institutes of Health (NIH).  

A healthy diet and exercise are very important to help keep us healthy, help prevent diabetes and if diabetes is already present, to help treat it.

At The Kidney Protector we believe in empowering and motivating people to make positive, life changing choices and adopt behaviors that help promote good health. We aim to create helpful resources like this Sweet Diabetes and Kidney Health Poster that shows small but important pieces of scientific information that affect our personal lives and quality of life.  Read the important related information below:

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure: End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) in the US. However, diabetes prevention and Diabetes Control protects kidneys and more!

  • Protects your heart as diabetes is a leading risk factor for heart disease
  • Protects your blood vessels as diabetes causes damage to your circulation accelerated atherosclerosis
  • Protects your vision as diabetes is also a leading cause of blindness
  • Protects your from foot wounds and sores called diabetic ulcers and
  • Protects you from toe, foot and limb amputations: diabetes is a leading cause of amputations
Sweet Diabetes and Kidney Health Poster
Live well: eat less sugar and keep sweet you alive longer!

This is a poster of a helpful kidney health thought titled “Sweet Diabetes and Kidney Health Poster” that is teaches that your taste buds do recalibrate and readjust after decreasing sugar intake.  The result of decreasing sugar intake includes better blood glucose control and therefore lower risk of developing prediabetes or diabetes. This Sweet Diabetes and Kidney Health Poster is a motivational poster that encourages the positive and rewarding behavior of decreasing sugar intake to help control diabetes and therefore help limit kidney damage due to diabetes. It was produced in collaboration with in “the kidney dialogue” series. This poster is not medical advice. It was produced for the purpose of education and entertainment. Always talk to your doctor.

If you already have prediabetes, decreasing your sugar intake can help reverse that diagnosis.

If you already have diabetes decreasing your sugar intake can help control your diabetes and help decrease your Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c a marker of diabetes control) to an optimal level (preferably less than 7%) which will help prevent kidney damage.  If kidney damage is already present it will help slow the rate of worsening of that kidney damage especially when combined with compliance with the medications your doctor prescribes.

More About The Diabetes and Kidney Health Poster

It is a work of art produced in collaboration with Happy Ingenuity Solutions: it is comprised of works of Photography of sugar and photography of simulated kidneys. The kidneys are digitally decorated to depict the emotions of kidneys in the setting of tasty food and drinks giving early snarky advice to the person who may be unaware that unfavorable dietary practices like high sugar intake, increases the risk of diabetes and therefore help to damage kidneys. Taste buds eventually adjust to modifications in sugar and salt intake and so foods will still be enjoyed when we limit sugar and salt intake. It is accentuated by writings encouraging the limiting of sugar in the diet as excessive sugar helps to increase the risk of diabetes which is the leading cause of kidney failure: end stage renal/kidney disease (ESRD/ESKD). It reminds one of the quality of life benefits in addition to the benefit of the ability to enjoy life with family in the absence of kidney disease and cardiovascular disease. Loved ones are happy when they get to celebrate life with matriarchs and patriarchs: moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas. Get this poster in our store here. For other options for cool wall art like canvasses and other related accessories like stickers, coffee mugs, and other accessories click here.

Remember Even Little Choices Matter with Diabetes and Kidney Health

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT super size your soda: ever.

Prediabetes Diabetes and Kidney Health
A poster showing the effect of our simple dietary choices on our risk of diabetes and kidney disease.

The content on this webpage and this website is for information to help you understand kidney disease in a way that increases your awareness and helps empower you to make healthy choices. The information on this page is not medical advice and does not replace your doctor’s or medical provider’s expertise nor opinion. You must discuss all aspects of your treatment with your medical provider and follow their advice as your doctor and healthcare team possess the necessary details of your unique condition. 

Our kidney art and posters, including the ones on this page are all produced in collaboration with Happy Ingenuity Solutions with the goal of increasing awareness of kidney disease, protecting kidneys, and increasing access to helpful information that promotes good health. You can share digital copies for free and if you want to purchase the related wall art, posters and other related accessories, you will help fund our cause to fight kidney disease through education and increasing awareness. Click here to buy our kidney art , other kidney health posters and other beautiful kidney art!

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