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For Professionals

For Professionals: Providers & Health Systems! Learn more about our virtual clinic for your clinic!

The Kidney Protector is a think tank for professionals interested in being paradigm-shifting stakeholders capable of impacting the health of whole nations.

For professionals: Providers, Clinics, Medical Centers, Health Plans, Food manufacturers, & entire health systems: our ideas make indelible differences. We do consultations that evaluate your systems for potential optimization of care to improve outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease as well as those at risk of kidney disease and cardiovascular disease (these share risk factors). Contact us and ask about our tiers of consultation: reach us by email at or call us at 401-307-3280.

For Professionals: Providers

In our virtual clinic for your clinic, we do evaluations and create solutions that:

  1. Impact patient outcomes positively
  2. Improve practice efficiency
  3. Positively impact quality of care
  4. Decrease burnout, and
  5. Improve physician and care team satisfaction by allowing individual team members to focus on their job and be less cumbered with logistics and other factors outside of their control!

For Professionals: Health Plans! Serve your members well and help positively impact population health: the benefits are manifold!

We do consultations that evaluate your systems for potential optimization of formulary and services sensitive to populations and providers to cumulatively improve outcomes in patients with kidney disease and those at risk of kidney disease. Contact us by email at or call us at 401-307-3280 and ask about our Level 0 Dove ultra consultations. Chronic Kidney disease affects more than 37 million people in the US and it is costly at greater than $130 billion of Medicare spending per year. Kidney disease management is unique and requires attention to detail. Root cause analyses, dedication to good primary care, early diagnoses, referrals and access to treatment. In combination, these facets help save kidneys, lives, preserve quality of life, and results in happier healthier populations. Our consultations help!

Kidneys and Life are Precious: Protect them: The kidneys you save in the future may be your own!

See our consultation packages! Contact us at for availability!

• Level 0 Packages consist of an important eight to nine (8-9) point overview evaluation for the basic tier and more detailed evaluation for tiers used for Heath plans

• Level 1 Packages consist of an evaluations report (6 point, 12 point and 14 point as tiers progress)

• Level 2 Packages consist of the evaluations report (8 point, 13 point and 15 point as tiers progress) and recommendations for their accompanying solutions as necessary. The points include those in level 1 and more.

Each Level (except level 0) has 3 Tiers of consultations: where 1 (Bronze) is our most basic, 2 (Silver) is intermediate and 3 (Gold) is the most detailed evaluation.

• Tier 1: Bronze Consultation

• Tier 2: Silver Consultation

• Tier 3: Gold Consultation

Summary of Services

1. Level 0 Dove Consultations: Basic and more

2. Level 1 Bronze Consultation 

3. Level 1 Silver Consultation

4. Level 1 Gold Consultation

5. Level 2 Bronze Consultation

6. Level 2 Silver Consultation

7. Level 2 Gold Consultation

Kidneys and Life are Precious: Protect them.

For Professionals
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