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Investors and Stakeholders

We are all investors and stakeholders in kidney care. We all have kidneys and need kidneys. Kidney disease is more common than many people know: it respects no one, & pardons none if the conditions are ripe.

Our population is significantly affected by kidney disease which affects patient outcomes and utilization remarkably. In the US, more that 37 million adults have chronic kidney disease (CKD), however, only 10 % of these patients are aware of their diagnosis.  The leading causes of CKD include diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney cysts, kidney inflammation, kidney stones, some hereditary disorders, and severe acute kidney injury (AKI) that does not entirely recover. Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is also common at approximately 20 % of persons admitted to hospitals. The incidence of AKI was observed to have increased in the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore the current statistics concerning kidney disease promise to significantly change due to this unprecedented pandemic of epic proportions and its sequelae.

Very few people are aware of the causes of kidney disease: for example, many people are not aware of their diagnoses of diabetes or hypertension, and many do not know that prolonged use of Advil or Motrin (ibuprofen) and many other over-the-counter medications (including some herbal remedies) can cause kidney damage or even kidney failure.

For Investors and Stakeholders: The Kidney Protector
The Kidney Protector is For Investors and Stakeholders

If kidneys fail, a life-saving procedure called dialysis is necessary to sustain life, and even then, subsequent survival decreases drastically (to approximately 5 years on average) unless the gold standard treatment of a kidney transplant is achieved. The average wait time on the kidney transplant list is 5 years (without a living donor), but not everyone is eligible for a transplant and less than 20% of people with kidney failure get a transplant.  Kidney disease is costly to families and to the economy at ~$130 billion in Medicare spending annually. Prevention of kidney disease and slowing progression when disease is already present are therefore goals of paramount importance.

Investors and Stakeholders Help Shape The Future

The Kidney Protector provides services to all investors and stakeholders: health organizations and the individual people affected by kidney disease:

  • Consultation services to health plans, providers and health systems, with the goal of helping to prevent kidney disease where possible, slow progression and help ensure optimal treatment of kidney disease. This is achieved through a proprietary method including root cause analyses and implementing system practices that employ information technology, artificial intelligence, and logistical solutions.
  • Creates engaging, informative, integrated digital media, website content and applications (apps) focused on education, awareness, and prevention of kidney disease.  This empowers people with kidney disease and others to make choices and behavior changes that encourage good kidney health and cardiovascular health.

The target market includes various stakeholders and due to the nature of the problem, it encompasses the entire population due to the multifaceted, interrelated and interdisciplinary nature of the scope of the problem of Kidney disease. Kidney disease and cardiovascular disease (the leading cause of death) share risk factors. The entire construct of health transcends its own barriers to those of quality of life, index of happiness, functionality, and the economy as, the health of a nation determines its financial wealth and kidney disease is a leading cause of disability.

Investors and Stakeholders are:

  • Health care organizations
  • Health Plans/Health insurance companies
  • Medical Centers/Hospitals
  • Healthcare Providers: Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants and their practices
  • Pharmacies
  • Consumers: patients with chronic kidney disease and their family members, people at risk of kidney disease

Our kidney art and posters, including the ones on this page are all produced in collaboration with Happy Ingenuity Solutions with the goal of increasing awareness of kidney disease, protecting kidneys, and increasing access to helpful information that promotes good health. You can share digital copies for free and if you want to purchase the related wall art, posters and other related accessories, you will help fund our cause to fight kidney disease through education and increasing awareness. Click here to buy our kidney health posters and other beautiful kidney art!

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