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“Kidney donation and a tribute to donors” is our page dedicated to awareness of the treatment option of kidney transplantation and the tremendous gratitude we owe to donors. Kidney Transplantation saves lives and kidney donors make that possible.

Kidney Transplantation: The Best Treatment for Kidney Disease

Kidney Transplantation is made possible by Organ donation. Kidney Transplantation is the ultimate preferred treatment of end stage renal (kidney) disease [ESRD/ESKD] and results in the best survival benefit. During the process of kidney transplantation, a kidney is removed from the donor and it is then placed in the Body of the person with ESRD (called the recipient).This is done by a specially trained surgeon called a Transplant Surgeon and his or her team. Before, during, and after the transplant process a transplant nephrologist will also help to care for you and determine the necessary medications, and follow-up care in conjunction with your Transplant Coordinator, nurse, dietician and social worker as necessary.

Organ Donors make organ donation possible. Organ donation saves lives!

We aim to spread awareness regarding organ donation and its benefits and express gratitude to donors and their families.

Kidney donation and a tribute to donors
Kidney Donors give Light and Life

Donors Transfer Light and Life

These works of art highlight the life and light transferred from one person to another when an organ is donated. Thy express gratitude to donors and the family members of donors. They speak to the individualized gift and opportunities as second chances are afforded to the recipients by these donors. Though the art associated with the poetry depicts Kidneys, the poem also speaks to every organ donated: livers, lungs, hearts, pancreases. Kidney donation and a tribute to donors reminds us of the light and life perpetuated by kidney donation.

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