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Helpful Kidney Stone Poster Calcium Oxalate: Avoid 10+foods

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This is a virtual download of a helpful kidney stone poster for calcium oxalate stones: avoid 10+ foods if you have that type of kidney stone! The poster contains educational information regarding the right dietary choices that may help to prevent both further crystal formation and stone formation regarding the most common type of kidney stones: calcium oxalate stones. There are two types of crystals that help form calcium oxalate stones: the more classically shaped calcium oxalate dihydrate crystals and the calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals which are dumbbell shaped. Find more helpful information regarding this and other types of kidney stones here! Also visit our kidney stones page here.

The entire kidney stone poster is projected on a background of art of a hydronephrotic kidney (a swelling of the kidney due to an obstruction of urine flow) which is one of the most feared complications of nephrolithiasis (the medical term for kidney stones). It reminds one to seek water and citrus fruits which help to discourage kidney stones made of oxalate.

The safe amount of water to be consumed is dependent upon the individual patient’s kidney function and should be determined by their Doctor who has knowledge of their lab results. The recommended daily urine output to help deter stone formation is greater than or equal to 2.5 liters: a goal which can be achieved by increasing water consumption/intake. Patients must talk to their doctors about the right amount of water dependent on their kidney function!

This is a poster in  “the kidney dialogue” series. Our kidney stone poster is not medical advice: It was produced for the purpose of education and entertainment. Always talk to your doctor as there are other types of kidney stones and you need special testing to determine the type you have and any other dietary or medication changes you will need to make.

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