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Salt and Kidney Health Poster: 1 Important Thing

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“The Salt and Kidney Health Poster: 1 Very Important Thing” is a virtual download of a file and was produced for education and information purposes only. For options for physical wall art and other cool related accessories, please visit our partner Happy Ingenuity Solutions in fineartamerica! It is a work of Photography of salt and photography of simulated kidneys.  The kidneys are digitally decorated to depict the emotions of kidneys in the setting of tasty food and drinks, giving early snarky advice to the person who may be unaware that, unfavorable dietary practices like high salt intake, help to damage kidneys.

“The Salt and Kidney Health Poster: 1 Very Important Thing” highlights one 1 very important thing piece of scientific information is that taste buds eventually adjust to modifications in salt intake within approximately 2 weeks and so foods will still be enjoyed when we limit salt intake.  There are also other methods of making food tasty like some condiments and seasonings like thyme. Visit our page on Salt and Your Kidneys for more information and additional links to even more resources.

Limiting salt in the diet is important in delaying the progression of kidney disease and in controlling high blood pressure as excessive salt helps to increase the blood pressure which and also interferes with the effectiveness of many blood pressure medicines.  Hypertension or high blood pressure is the second leading cause of kidney failure: end stage renal/kidney disease (ESRD/ESKD). High salt intake also worsens the spillage of protein in the urine: proteinuria damages kidneys and increases the risk of cardiovascular mortality. It reminds one of the quality of life benefits in addition to the benefit of the ability to enjoy life with family in the absence of kidney disease and cardiovascular disease. Loved ones are happy when they get to celebrate life with matriarchs and patriarchs: moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas!

Produced in collaboration with Happy Ingenuity Solutions in “the kidney dialogue” series which helps to educate and increase awareness of kidney disease. This poster is not medical advice. It was produced for the purpose of education and entertainment. Always talk to your doctor.


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