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Professionals in the field of medicine are familiar with the true cost of kidney disease to patients and to the population as a whole: a cost that is significantly high financially but surpasses the realm of finances. Kidney disease is costly emotionally, decreases quality of life and is also financially costly at greater than $130 billion of Medicare spending per year.

Kidney disease management is unique and requires attention to detail. Patient education, root cause analyses, dedication to good primary care, early diagnoses, referrals, quality collaborative care, and access to treatment. In combination, these facets help save kidneys, lives, preserve quality of life, and results in happier, healthier populations. Together, we can achieve better patient outcomes.

Professionals Know The True Cost of Kidney Disease

Professionals know the true cost of kidney disease, therefore, we are calling all stakeholders to help our population join the fight! Calling:

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Professionals know the true cost of kidney disease