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Protect Your Kidneys from Alcohol

Protect your kidneys from alcohol because alcohol can worsen your blood pressure which damages kidneys! Alcohol encourages dehydration and can hurt your kidneys in addition to damaging your liver. Alcohol is a leading cause of death among working-age Americans 20-64.

Protect Your Kidneys from Alcohol: Learn More

Visit for more information regarding alcohol and your kidneys: Alcohol a leading cause of death in the US with 350 deaths daily and it is also financially costly at more than $240 Billion annually. The best intervention against alcohol is prevention: choose not to drink or if you must drink: limit the number of drinks to no more than 2 drinks in a 24 hour period for men and 1 drink in a 24 hour period for women. You may wonder “What does this have to do with kidney disease?”

Chronic Kidney Disease is prevalent: more than 37 million people in the US have Chronic Kidney Disease and only 1 person in every 10 is aware. Nine (9) out of 10 people are not aware! Alcohol increases the blood pressure and helps encourage dehydration: both of which are harmful to the kidneys. Learn more about Kidney disease to know your status: do not be one of those 9 out of 10 people who are not aware of their chronic kidney disease.

Decrease Your Risk of Death & Protect Your Kidneys from Alcohol

Alcohol is a leading cause of death. It is a win-win to avoid alcohol. Protect your kidneys from alcohol: Learn more and decrease your chance of death! Learn more about chronic kidney disease here. You will find that if you protect your kidneys from alcohol, the benefits are manifold: you will decrease your risk of death and decrease your risk of abusing of substances.

Learn more about how other substances of abuse and their effect on your health. Illicit drugs vary in type, effects, risks and potential morbidity and mortality meaning the possibility of sickness and death. Substance abuse transcends economic status and is dangerous with the potential to ruin talent, lives, devastate families and negatively impact whole populations.  However, many people are not aware that drugs/substances of abuse can damage kidneys. Substances of abuse can damage the kidneys suddenly, called Acute kidney injury [AKI] or over longer periods of time, called Chronic Kidney Disease [CKD]. Visit our very helpful page containing information, helpful links and resources regarding the different substances of abuse and how they can affect your kidneys.

Alcohol can hurt kidneys” is a work of photography of the sun and sky on which photography of kidney beans was superimposed and decorated with emojis to represent kidneys and to give them emotions. It is accentuated by motivational phrase to help educated the dangers of alcohol regarding kidney health. People tend to know alcohol causes liver damage but not that alcohol can also threaten kidney health. The poster above is not medical advice. It was produced for the purpose of education and entertainment. Always talk to your doctor.

This work was produced in collaboration with Happy Ingenuity Solutions in “the kidney dialogue” series that promotes awareness of kidney disease and the need for kidney emojis to help increase awareness of kidney disease. The awareness of chronic kidney disease is unfortunately low at a staggering 1 in 10 overall! 

Do You Need Help with Alcohol Abuse?

If you are suffering from alcohol abuse and would like more information about help as well as your kidneys and alcohol abuse, visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration ( You can also find additional good information at the national kidney foundation and this helpful site!

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