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“The Kidney Dialogues”: Where your kidneys have a voice and tell you their thoughts!

Cheers to Protecting Your Kidneys! “ The Kidney Dialogues: where kidneys have a voice” is a cartoon comic series of art where kidneys have a voice so tell you their thoughts and get to show their facial expressions! All in the name of great kidney health and kidney protection! A great tool for quick, engaging, effective patient education. The series was produced in collaboration with Happy Ingenuity Solutions LLC. Posters available at the Happy Ingenuity Store at just click on the posters for more info!

Good control of Diabetes Protects kidneys

Talk to your doctor.

Compliance with medication for Hypertension helps to protect kidneys

Take your medication as prescribed while always following up with your doctor.

There are many OTC medications that can harm your kidneys

Read medication labels carefully Follow instructions and talk to your doctor

A Helpful Reminder of Some Foods Which Contain High levels of Potassium which can be dangerous in advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD).