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YOUR KIDNEYS AND COVID-19: Protect your kidneys

COVID-19 CAUSES KIDNEY DAMAGE IN MORE THAN 40% OF PEOPLE IT INFECTS*…and the evidence is growing so the entire story is not yet known…

Everyone is at risk of contracting the novel coronavirus in this awful COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed more than 360,000 American lives and caused more than 1.88 million deaths worldwide.

  • There is very concerning, new and growing evidence which shows that COVID-19 can damage the kidneys of ANYONE it infects even normal young people with no prior illnesses.
  • These pieces of artwork are also available in masks with the same design. The art work and production was a collaboration done with Happy Ingenuity LLC: they were inspired by the new emerging knowledge of kidney injury caused by COVID-19.
  • The pieces speak that masks can form a wall to help protect all our kidneys because more than 21 MILLION people in the US are infected and more that 87 million worldwide.
  • TOO MANY kidneys are at risk of being damaged and COVID-19 is not done yet, sadly.
  • Thus far studies show about 46% of those infected have Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) which increases the risk of permanent kidney failure later on.
  • Let’s practice social distancing, wear our masks, wash our hands and spread the word to build walls of masks to protect kidneys from this COVID-19 pandemic because we want to emerge from unprecedented pandemic with healthy kidneys and therefore negate the risk of future CKD.

*In one study of hospitalized patients

If you were already infected with COVID-19:

Let’s emerge from the death, despair and injury of COVID-19 with healthy kidneys